But Digital Technologies are key to our success, right?

Coming to grips with how fast-changing digital technologies are reshaping customer expectations and business landscapes is at the heart of the Digital Leadership Initiative.

We aim to help business leaders ensure that both they and their organisations thrive in the face of accelerating technology-induced change.

That technology drives innovation and change is nothing new.

What is new, however is that the emergence of compelling evidence that the current influx of innovative new and emerging technologies demands a fundamental shift in leadership approaches and technology adoption strategies across the organisation

While technology disruption has costly implications for many industries, organisations and professions, it also presents an open opportunity for CEOs to take their organisations to a new level of performance through enhanced strategic leadership capabilities and business strategies.

Question is: How effectively is your organisation really handling ‘Digital’?

Unfortunately, the majority of established organisations fail to fully exploit these opportunities at best,and at worst,contribute to their demise .

Digital Confusion?

Making sense of the dizzying array of opinions over digital offerings and strategies is no easy task for today’s business leaders. Fact is, most of these opinions are fuelled by marketing spin, industry hype, vested commercial interests or strong personal opinions about a particular digital offering.

Where are the digital failures?

Additionally, the asymmetry of perceived success ensures that while Digital success stories are promoted and visible, failures are often hidden from view. This adds to the challenge facing business leaders wanting to come to grips with the new Digital world – warts and all.

Guidance with no strings attached

Our primary objective is help business leaders cut through the noise by delivering a series of

  • Regular highly engaging and interactive meetups where we have a guest presenter explore a key topic of interest and value.
  • One day, intensive hands-on workshops that will equip them with relevant, up-to-date expert knowledge and skills to ensure that their digital initiatives succeed.

We are not for profit, but for independence and value

The Digital Leadership initiative comprises a hand-picked number of locally and globally recognised, vendor independent experts in their respective fields.  

The experts are drawn from both industry and academia and take time out of their busy schedules to collaborate in researching, developing and delivering valuable meetups, workshops and related offerings under the Digital Leadership Initiative.